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Marriage and Family Coaching
(Coaching Available for Couples or Individuals)
Single Session 
60 Minutes - $55
90 Minutes - $85
Multiple Session Packages
(4 Sessions - Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
(4) 60 Minute Sessions - $240
(4) 90 Minute Sessions - $360
Multiple Session Package
Includes coach/client contact via text/email during the week.
All of the Marriage and Family Coaching can be done in person or online via Zoom. 

Why Hire a Coach?

Every year, people spend thousands of dollars to make themselves look and feel better – gym memberships, skincare products, trainers, sports activities

and clothes – just to name a few.


Why shouldn’t you invest in your marriage? It’s the most important relationship in your life.

We coach from a christian perspective based on a biblical view of marriage, combined with personal experience. If you have taken time to read our story then you know that we have a great deal of "experience" from ministry as well as our own personal journey.   


We help you find a way to...

1.   Reconnect with your spouse

2.  Rediscover communication

3.  Resolve conflict

4.  Remember why you said "I do"

5.  Regain purpose in marriage 

6.  Refocus your goals

7.  Reset your emotions

8.  Realize real expectations

9.  Reveal hurt

10. Revive HOPE! 

We are not licensed  counselors or therapists. We are coaches that help you set and achieve goals for yourself, your marriage and your family. 

Need a Coach but not sure what it's all about?
Join us for a
30 minute introductory
Zoom call. 
Connect with us to schedule your call.
Special Marriage and Family Package for Pastors and
Full-time Ministry Workers 
Student Life Coaching 
(High School and College Students Only)
Having served in student ministry for 18 years and now having two teenage daughters of our own - we are up close and personal with all things teens!  We have dealt with drugs, alcohol, porn, pregnancy, death of students, death of parents, divorce, rejection and list goes on.  
But...we have also witnessed major victory in the lives of our students.  Victory is found in our choices - our clients want to make right choices...they want to see victory! 
We want to see victory as they reach their goals.
They can be successful. 
They can be leaders.
They can have defining character.
We use this platform to connect with and coach your student in areas that he/she may not be comfortable talking about at the dinner table.  The reality is that meaningful conversation between parent and teenager is often awkward and even silent.  
Thats where we help!  
We ask. We listen. We encourage. We pray. 
We bring accountability. We bring comfort.  
We encourage change. We coach for character.
Single Sessions
45 Minute - $40
Multiple Session Package
(4 Sessions - Weekly or Bi-Weekly)
(4) 45 Minute - $150
Our experience of working with students leads us to recommend the multi session package. It gives your student time to learn us before trusting us. 
All of the Student Life Coaching is online via Zoom. 
Stones of Meaning
Students on a Break
Health and Wellness Coaching
Do you have goals for your health? Do you need a little encouragement as you push for the success of those goals? Don't just settle in the regular routine! All of our Health and Wellness Coaching is done through a proven program that was developed to help you establish boundaries while achieving your health goals.  Being healthy is not about killing yourself in the gym or starving yourself at the table, but rather making proper choices for healthy habits. 
Click the link on our Wellness Page to connect with Erin and receive your FREE Health Assessment!
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