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How have you noticed the wellness connection of the spiritual and physical in your faith journey? Your spiritual health can at times be affected by your physical health. The better you care for your body the more time and energy you have to care for your spirit.

In what ways could you alter your physical habits to help create a richer environment for your spiritual growth?

Family Fit believes that the healthiest people are those that are pursuing physical and spiritual wellness as they often go hand in hand. Our desire is to help you achieve both of these goals.


With over 15 years experience as a fitness instructor and now a certified health coach, Erin is available to help you on your health journey.

Her passion is helping people make profitable changes through proper choices. Focusing on balanced nutrition and a positive mindset, Erin’s primary goal is to help you navigate healthy eating while creating a healthy lifestyle.


Connect with Erin on the Coaching Page to get started on a healthier YOU!


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Erin will be in touch with you soon!


a word from my clients:


“Erin has been my health coach for the last year and has encouraged me to put my health as priority. This in turn has made my relationship with my family better because I can now physically do things I could not do a year ago before losing 82 pounds! She has helped guide me to change some unhealthy eating patterns to keep the weight off. Now I can enjoy doing things with my family in the years to come that I only dreamed about last year!”


“Erin is my health coach and has given me the tools, support and inspiration to get my health back. In my struggles, she has believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself which has given me the confidence to continue striving forward on my health journey. She has reminded me of God’s love for me and I am worthy of health.“


“After watching Erin’s health journey for awhile, I became inspired to start my own journey. Erin has been with me every step of the way, encouraging me regularly and motivating me to seek a healthier me. She truly wants to help you and her genuineness shines through in everything she does.”

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