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Our Journey of Wrecked to Restored

We are David and Erin Jeffreys. Thank you for taking time to visit our site and read our story. We are proof that God can take our mess and turn it into a powerful message for His glory.


Our journey started as freshmen in bible college where it was love at first sight...well, almost! The Lord used the next two years of dating to confirm in our hearts that we had met “the one.” This young fiery love that could conquer all foes led us to be married in December of our junior year.

Immediately following graduation, I accepted the position of youth pastor at a prominent church in a small, North Carolina town. As the old saying goes, we were “living the dream,” and as is often the case with young couples, it wasn’t long before we had two littles running through the house. After the birth of our second daughter, our little family began to struggle. The daily strain of ministry work and parenting was more that we had anticipated. Our youth ministry was booming physically and spiritually, however; we failed to realize that our marriage was not. The harder we pressed into leading youth, revitalizing a christian school, and directing the choir, the more neglected our marriage and family became. As a young man called to be a leader, I easily became caught up in doing “God’s work,” and the idea of building some form of a spiritual kingdom while daily going home to a family that was starved for my attention.

Like many couples, we began to struggle being together. As a result, our choices started to show just how unhealthy we were spiritually. Satan took advantage of our spiritual weakness and laid claim to what was once a vibrant healthy marriage. We began to separate ourselves emotionally and then physically. These choices led us to pursue legal separation and ultimately a divorce. We soon found ourselves asking the questions: ​What happened? and Where do we go from here?

The devil takes pride in wrecking marriages and dividing families. It appeared as though he had successfully destroyed our marriage and dismembered our family. Thankfully, God had a different plan! Through the constant prayers of our children, family, and friends, God began to work a miracle in our lives. Over a period of time the Lord softened our hearts for one another and developed within us a desire for reconciliation. He had mercifully protected us through our time of disobedience and opened our hearts to forgiveness.

EIGHT ​years later, on a warm February day, gathered with family on top of a boat house by the lake, the Lord graciously allowed us to be reunited in marriage. God’s love to us was greater than we could ever conceive as our children witnessed the restoration of our hearts through the obedience of God’s word.

We were broken, but not defeated. Never give up on God. Never stop praying. Never stop believing that God can do the impossible. We serve a God that ​REDEEMS, RESTORES and REVIVES!

Our desire is to elevate Jesus and encourage others to do the same. Please let us know if our story has been an encouragement in your personal journey.


You can also schedule a time for us to come share our story in person:

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